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The Company GS Gas

GS Gas S.A. is a greek LPG trading and distribution company. Established in 2013 and with the acquisition of the facilities required, was granted special Trading License Gas type C by the Greek Ministry of Environment & Energy. This license is required for trading and distributing LPG within the greek territory.

GS Gas S.A. has facilities in many different places across the greek territory which give the company the ability to offer nationwide coverage. The company has two fields of activity in the market. In particular the main fields of activity are:

Trading of bulk LPG:

  • to industrial and commercial customers (industries, greenhouses, agricultural barns, restaurants)
  • to hotels, hospitals, houses for heating, cooking, hot water etc.
  • to autogas stations

Trading of Bottled Gas:

  • to distributors of Bottled Gas
  • to retail stores (through partner distributors)
  • to collaborating supermarkets, minimarkets, and retail shops

Today the company has seven 7 facilities with nationwide distribution, and headquarters in Athens (Av. Poseidonos 6, Kallithea). In particular, the company has gas storage and bottling facilities in the following areas:

  • Athens
  • Thessaloniki
  • Larissa
  • Volos
  • Karditsa
  • Corfu
  • Rethimno

Customers in the rest of Greece served either well above installations or by direct transfer from the partner refineries. As presented, GS Gas S.A. is active in LPG trading both in bulk and in bottled form (in bottles and cartridges).

In particular, the company now offers its customers the following types:

  • Propane (bulk or bottled)
  • Mixed LPG for heating purposes (bulk or bottled)
  • Mixed LPG for autogas stations (Bulk)
  • Butane (bulk or bottled)

The LPG bottling takes place in the 7 premises thereby great nationwide dispersion is achieved. In addition the company has a large fleet of transport to cover the nationwide demand. In particular, GS Gas S.A. currently has a number of privately owned vehicles (tank vehicles and bottles) of different types to be able to serve in case the customer needs (e.g. need for refueling service station with small tankers due to space shortage). For all the company's vehicles, intense damage repair and maintenance program is taking place in order to ensure compliance with all the necessary safety standards.