Safe - Economical - Ecological

Liquified Petroeleum Gas or LPG is a general name which refers to liquified gas fuels, major consisted from saturated hydrocarbons (CnH2n+2) with three or four atoms of carbon (n=3 και n=4). LPG is an "old" fuel which revived during the economic crisis.

All these years LPG covers all the needs of the economic sectors in which the use of energy is inevitable. This type of fuel is:


Based on the extremely wide application of the LPG in multiple uses globally, all these years insignificant number of accidents have taken place. The majority of these accidents are caused by human fault, an approach which classifies LPG as one of the most safe fuels.


It is proven that LPG is a more economic fuel in contrast with other competitive fuels, which due to its high energy and heat performance and its "clear" burn saves ecomomic resources from its users.


The levels of CO2 emissions are much lower in contrast with the conventional fuels, while nitrogen oxides emissions appear to be 30 times lower than those of the conventional fuels.